Resident services 

By engaging in our resident service feature—UnityResident™ your residents are able to access services through our resident portal. 

This online portal enables residents to make maintenance requests, received notifications, make payments, and participate in community messaging.  UnityResident™ presents a quick and effective way for your residents to take care of any of their maintenance, postage, communication, or payment needs. It puts control in the hands of your resident to manage their own activity—eliminating needless office visits and property manager involvement.

Our portal service also provides your residents with renters’ insurance options from highly rated companies.  In addition this service will generate a report that presents you with adoption rates and coverage. UnityResident™ fully integrates with your existing PMS.

Online Maintenance Reporting

Your residents will be able to submit maintenance requests and check the status of their issues without involving their property manager.

Package Delivery Notification

The resident will be able to receive parcel delivery notifications through the UnityResidentTM portal. This feature will send the resident a message and details of the delivery and where they can pick it up and within what timeframe.

Community Messaging

Residents will be able to utilize this feature to send/receive messages with their property manager-providing them with clear paths of communication. Your property managers will also be able to use this portal to deliver community announcements. By utilizing our Payment Portal option accessed through UnityResident™ your residents will be able to make online payments.

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